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K18 Gold

Silver & Brass


Fiori Mat. :SV925

Mariposa Mat. :SV925 , Brass

Press-Etching Mat. :SV999.99(純銀)

Etching - Bangle & Ring  Mat. :Brass , K18GP

Etching -Broach Mat. :SV925

Anamorfismo Collection Mat. :Brass , SV925

Anamorfismo - Making Mat. : Brass , SV925

Numero 2way Bracelet Mat. :Brass , SV925

Ear Jacket Mat. :SV925

Press Mat. : SV999.99(純銀)

Numero Silk Cord Bracelet

Mat. :SV925 , K20GD Plated , Silk

Fede Ring-Pavé SettingCladdagh Ring)

Mat. :SV925  ,  Gemstones

The constellations (Signet Pendant) 

Mat. : SV925 , K10

The constellations (Signet Ring) Mat. : SV925 , K10

Diamond Gauge (Gold Bar) Mat. :K18 , Diamond

Petit Carré (Ring & Bangle) Mat. :K18、Gemstones

Petit Carré (Pendant Head) Mat. :K18、Gemstones

Numero (How to Order) Mat. :




Numero (Bangle) Mat. :SV925 , Brass , K18GP

Numero (Ring)  Mat. :SV925 , Brass , K18GP

1g - CLOWN Mat. :K18、Diamond , Ruby , Sapphire

Alphabet Collection Mat. :K18

POP UP Earring Mat. :K18, Shell

Numero-Tempo Mat. :SV925 , K20GP

Diamond Gauge (Rosecut) Mat. :K18 , Diamond

K18 BonBon Mat. :K18、Natural Stones

Twist Ring Mat. :K18

Petit Carré ( Toi et Moi Ring) Mat. :K18、Gemstones

1g - Nikkori Mat. : K18、Diamond

1g - Alphabet & Number Mat. :K18、Diamond

The constellations Mat. :K18

Numero (Earring) Mat. :SV925 , Pearl

Spiderweb,Skull and Bat Mat. :SV925 , K18

Item : Earrings , Cuff rinks

Silver Star  Mat. :SV925

PURE SILVER Full Moon (Earring)

Mat. :Silver999.99 , K18

1g - Heart Mat. :K18、 Ruby

K18 Full Moon (Earring)

Mat. :K18 , Shell

K18 Lucky Motif Chain Mat. :K18

Ippitsu-Ribbon Mat. :K18

Neutral Mat. :K18、 Natural Stones

South Sea Pearls Mat. :K18、South Sea Pearl

Melt Mat. :Silver925

Ginkgo Mat. :Silver925、Akoya Pearl