The constellations (Signet Ring)


THE CONSTELLATIONS / Signet Ring Mat.   Silver925, K10

No.  MP0054-41 Item Men’s Pinky Ring Color  Silver  Price 7~ 12号¥25,000(税抜)13号以上¥28,000(税抜)





Solid signet pinky ring with zodiac motif.  Original patterns, inspired by medieval zodiac charts, are carefully etched (the method to create an uneven surface by corroding the metal) to create a model. A sterling silver with a 10-karat gold zodiac motif embedded in the center.The natural, softly edged coin shape is designed to suit each motif.

You can feel the warmth and detailed work in this handcrafted piece.       

We recommend that the silver metal base be customized with a mirror finish, matte effect, dented surface or a black coating.