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1g Mat.   18金、ダイヤモンド

No. MP0059-10 / A-Z , No.0-9 Item ペンダントトップ  Color ゴールド Price 30,000~ (税抜)

No. MP0059-40 / A-Z , No.0-9 Item リング  Color ゴールド Price 41,000~ (税抜)

No. MP0059-50 / A-Z , No.0-9 Item スタッズピアス  Color ゴールド Price 35,000~ (税抜)




18金をひとつひとつ溶かし固めコイン状にプレスしたプリミティブなジュエリー。コインひと粒の重さは1g。一見小さな数字ですが、身につけて頂くと心地よい重みと厚みを感じて頂ける、そんなジュエリーです。 型を使わない為、形は少しずつ異なります。



Melted one by one and then pressed into coin shapes, this is simple jewelry made from 18-karat gold. Each coin weighs one gram. While this number might appear to be such a small number, once you wear it you can feel its comfortable weigh and thickness. Each piece can vary in shape as it is made without a mold.

The band of the ring and the pendant clasp are made using the traditional method of twisting gold chain. Only the finest, most brilliant diamonds are carefully chosen, and beautifully set on the ring by master craftsmen. Letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 can be selected.